Klübersynth JL 48-7702

Артикулен №: 022271 Synthetic special grease for ball joints in vehicle chassis components

Joints in vehicle chassis are subject to ever tougher requirements. It's not only that the increasingly electrified drive train makes chassis noises more perceptible, it also means higher vehicle weight, adding to the loads acting on the joints.

Despite these higher loads, Klübersynth JL 48-7702 enables a nearly constant friction coefficient throughout the temperature and motion ranges. This is attained by a special mix of base oils with higher base oil viscosity. This base oil mixture offers better wear protection than conventional silicone base oils, making it unique in the market.

During the development stage, care was also taken to make the product compatible with commonly used sealing materials (e.g. chloroprene rubber) and POM. Prior to series application, compatibility with the elastomers and plastic materials used should be checked as a precaution.

Klübersynth JL 48-7702

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Reliable operation due to longer component life and less wear

  • Constantly high driving comfort over a wide temperature range due to

    • good adhesion in the application

    • low tendency to stick-slip

    • good haptic feel due to low breakaway torques

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