Klübersynth HBE 94-401

Артикулен №: 004295 Synthetic heavy-duty grease for long-term lubrication

As a manufacturer or operator of modern installations operating at high temperature, you need to protect components subject to high loads and with a high percentage of sliding friction reliably against wear and corrosion, even when they are not relubricated continuously (e.g. sealed rolling bearings). With Klübersynth HBE 94-401 we offer you a lubricating grease based on high-quality synthetic base oil and a special calcium complex soap thickener. This combination enables the formation of a lubricating film with high resistance to mechanical loads providing excellent wear protection. Moreover, Klübersynth HBE 94-401 is resistant to water and has a good sealing effect due to the special thickener component used. Are your components subject to strong oscillations? With its very good antiwear properties, Klübersynth HBE 94-401 meets this challenge too.

Klübersynth HBE 94-401

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Extended component life due to:

    • very good wear protection,

    • excellent corrosion protection

    • excellent water resistance

  • Reduced maintenance costs due to extended relubrication intervals or lifetime lubrication, even at elevated temperatures due to synthetic grease technology

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