Klübersynth EM 94-102

Артикулен №: 004305 Special synthetic grease for extreme requirements

Klübersynth EM 94-102 is a fully synthetic lubricating grease incorporating a special calcium complex soap thickener.

The thickener enables formation of a resilient lubricating film providing high resistance to mechanical-dynamic loads whilst enabling excellent wear protection.

Klübersynth EM 94-102 can be used in a multitude of applications under different climatic conditions due to its wide service temperature range. Various friction points can therefore be supplied with one single lubricant avoiding confusion with multiple lubricant selection and use.

Klübersynth EM 94-102

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Excellent corrosion and wear protection for reduced maintenance requirements and longer component life

  • Versatile multipurpose lubricant allowing product streamlining and reducing the risk of confusing lubricants

  • Wide service temperature range for year-round lubrication under various climatic conditions

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