Klübersustain ZW 0-6

Артикулен №: 009070 Innovative anticorrosion fluid from the Hydro Lubricants* series

Have you successfully used a product from our innovative Hydro Lubricants* series in your production or operations? So maybe you are now looking for another product to reliably protect surfaces that are not lubricated (e.g. casings) against corrosion as well? Klübersustain ZW 0-6 is an innovative anticorrosion fluid containing water as a functional component and offering excellent sustainability and performance benefits. The product's good anticorrosive effect - confirmed by Kesternich tests - enable higher equipment availability and correspondingly reduced maintenance.

Klübersustain ZW 0-6

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Formation of a reliable anticorrosion film on the surfaces

  • Higher equipment availability and less maintenance due to good anticorrosive effect

  • Risk-free application due to chemical composition without solvent

  • Sustainability and performance benefits due to special water-based product concept

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