Klüberquiet BQH 72-102

Артикулен №: 094023 High-purity rolling bearing grease for long-term lubrication

Klüberquiet BQH 72-102 is a synthetic high-temperature lubricating grease. Due to the careful selection of product components and the clean manufacturing environment, Klüberquiet BQH 72-102 is a rolling bearing grease with a particularly low noise level. Klüberquiet BQH 72-102 offers excellent performance characteristics thanks to a high-quality ester oil, a new polyurea thickener and special additives. It is special in that it combines high-temperature resistance and extreme purity.

Klüberquiet BQH 72-102

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Cost savings due to long service life of grease at > 80°C

  • Smooth running, low noise

  • Wide service temperature range allows a variety of applications

  • Long bearing life due to excellent water resistance

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