Klüberpress HF 2-804

Артикулен №: 042074 Powder lubricant for hot forming processes, especially drop forging

As a forge press operator, you wish to offer your customers high-quality parts at an acceptable price. We have developed the innovative lubricant and release agent Klüberpress HF 2-804, offering you an alternative to conventional release agents.

The product is a powder based on inorganic solid lubricants and a special wax which melts in the die to form a lubricant film.

Klüberpress HF 2-804

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Free from graphite, therefore clean machine environment

  • Precise metering enables low consumption

  • Less residue build-up in the die reduces need for cleaning

  • Minimum smoke generation leads to more pleasant working environment

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