Klüberplus S 10

Артикулен №: 099053 High-temperature bonded coating for use as release agent

The most important element in your manufacturing process is the mould. The longer it can be used without requiring maintenance, the more efficient your manufacturing process will be.

The bonded coating Klüberplus S 10 offers support in this respect by decreasing wear on the mould to reduce preparation costs and increase production output at the same time. This is enabled by the product’s strong release effect and lubricity in casting and forming applications, especially with aluminium alloys.

Spray application of Klüberplus S 10 can be easily integrated into the mould preparation process and leads to a thin but highly resistant separating layer.

Klüberplus S 10

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Significantly longer mould life possible, contributing to lower preparation costs and higher production volumes

  • Very good adhesion also under demanding operating conditions such as high or alternating loads or shock loads

  • Very good resistance to abrasion also when applied in a thin layer, enabling manufacture to close tolerances

  • Spray application facilitates product handling and is easy to integrate into mould preparation process

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