Klüberplus S 09-107

Артикулен №: 099101 Special dry lubricant for tire segment molds

Klüberplus S 09-107 is an air- and heat-hardening grey dispersion based on a special combination of solid lubricants in an inorganic binder. Klüberplus S 09-107 is fluid, ready to use and non-flammable. Once hardened, Klüberplus S 09-107 forms a dry lubricating film reducing friction and wear on tire segment molds.

Tire manufacturers normally work in three shifts without a pause. Press standstills and short mold lifetimes are at the expense of productivity. The exceptional performance capabilities of Klüberplus S 09-107 contributes decisively to a better tire press profitability.

The formulation of Klüberplus S 09-107 offers the following characteristics:

  • very wide temperature range and hence high flexibility in production

  • good lubricity and adhesion prevent mold segments from interlocking and reduce downtimes

  • a thin and hardened lubricant layer offers optimized mold sealing, preventing contamination and consequently rejects

  • efficient and simple application: brushing, rolling and spraying are possible

  • The lubricant dries fast, and, when hardened, shows excellent adhesion and a high load-bearing capacity

  • The product is solvent-free and odorless, thus complying with safety standards in tire production by minimizing impact on people and the environment

  • Once hardened, the lubricant layer is resistant to oils and greases

Klüberplus S 09-107

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Longer mold life

  • Longer relubrication intervals

  • Minimisation of downtime

  • Less rejects

  • Easy application and relubrication

  • Dry to the touch in short time at ambient temperature

  • Resistant to greases and oils when heat-hardened

  • Free of solvents and neutral in odour to minimise impact on people and environment

  • Klüberplus S 09-107 reduces lubricant costs and increases productivity of a tire press

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