Klüberplex RA 44-2601

Артикулен №: 020375 High-viscosity damping lubricating grease for car interiors

As a manufacturer of components for car interiors and as an OEM you want to make driving as comfortable as possible for your customers. For this purpose, the componets in the car need to move noiselessly. At the same time, they have to provide a pleasant touch-feel. Lubricants supporting the optimum function of your components play an important role in this respect.

The high-viscous lubricant Klüberplex RA 44-2601 is made to match the increasing requirements throughout the service life of the vehicle. It creates an upmarket tactile feel due to its mechanical and acoustical damping properties. Moreover, carefully selected high-quality raw materials ensure that Klüberplex RA 44-2601 can be used in a wide servive temperature range.

Klüberplex RA 44-2601

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Good acoustical and mechanical damping properties for

    • optimal noise reduction in the car interior

    • improved haptical characteristics of car components

  • Wide service temperature range due to specially selected raw materials

  • For use with many types of plastic and elastomer

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