Klüberplex ELM 44-80 Arctic

Артикулен №: 017192 Low-temperature heavy-duty grease for mining and quarrying equipment

As an operator of mining equipment you expect high machine availability, reduced downtime and low maintenance costs. There is a growing trend for the extraction of raw materials to take place in extremely cold climates.

Klüberplex ELM 44-80 Arctic is a tried-and-tested heavy-duty grease on semi-synthetic basis with a lithium complex soap thickener especially selected for these fields of application. With its 5 % content of solid lubricants, this grease offers additional excellent wear protection, especially under mixed friction conditions, to meet the specifications of well-known machine manufacturers. The product was designed for the harsh operating conditions of the mining industry and stone quarries in arctic, sub-arctic and continental climates. Due to its wide service temperature range, Klüberplex ELM 44-80 Arctic can be used in these regions year-round.

Performance characteristics:

  • Outstanding wear protection due to MoS2 and graphite solid lubricants

  • Excellent load-carrying capacity at high surface pressures combined with low speeds

  • Excellent pumpability at temperatures as low as -50 °C (-58 °F) due to use of highly advanced base oil combinations

  • Good adhesion to vertical surfaces also at elevated temperatures

Klüberplex ELM 44-80 Arctic

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Contains 5 % solid lubricant for reliable wear reduction

  • Semi-synthetic basis for application down to -50 °C (-58 °F) in arctic and sub-arctic climates

  • High-tech additives for extremely high load-carrying capacity

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