Klüberpaste HS 91-21

Артикулен №: 005132 High-temperature and high-purity screw paste

In many chemical processes, contaminants like halogens, metal compounds and sulphur can cause undesirable secondary reactions. Therefore, lubricants used in the vicinity of such processes for e.g.flange connections in reactors should be free of such substances. Klüberpaste HS 91-21 complies with this requirement, as it offers a high degree of purity regarding sulphur, chlorine, fluorine and heavy metals.

Owing to the high purity of Klüberpaste HS 91-21, reactions with metal surfaces are prevented. This enables an excellent separation of materials with a tendency to fretting such as V2A, V4A and high-temperature steel.

Klüberpaste HS 91-21 was especially developed for applications in oil refineries. It covers a wide temperature range. For operating temperature ranges below 260 °C, bonded coatings like FLUOROPAN T 20 have proven an effective dry solution.

Klüberpaste HS 91-21

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Efficient assembly of screws of varying dimensions and materials due to constant preload forces

  • Screws easy to undo even when subject to high temperatures for a long time

  • High degree of purity for minimum impact on screws as paste is virtually free of chlorine, fluorine and sulphur

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