Klüberlub E 41-152

Артикулен №: 020312 Long-life heavy-duty grease containing MoS2 for heavy plant applications

Operators of mobile mining machines like off-road haulers, wheel loaders, electric rope shovels or hydralic shovels require high machine availability, reduction of downtime and low maintenance costs.

Klüberlub E 41-152 is a tried-and-tested heavy-duty grease based on high-quality mineral oil and lithium thickener. It contains MoS2 , offering you excellent wear protection, especially under mixed friction conditions. The product was designed for the aggressive operating conditions of the mining industry and stone quarries, which include high loads, contamination with abrasive minerals, and water.

Performance characteristics:

  • Excellent load-carrying capacity at high surface pressures

  • Good corrosion protection

  • Excellent wear protection

  • Good adhesion and water resistance

Klüberlub E 41-152

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Long component life and good emergency lubricating properties due to MoS2 solid lubricants

  • Good wear protection and resistance to shock loads due to EP/AW additives

  • Its optimum base oil viscosity ensures a good pumpability at low temperatures

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