Klüberlub BEM 41-122

Артикулен №: 020158 Special lubricating grease with light coloured solid lubricants for slow, oscillating movements

Klüberlub BEM 41-122 is based on a mixture of mineral oil and synthetic hydrocarbon oil thickened with a special lithium soap and light coloured solid lubricants.

The special structure of Kluberlub BEM 41-122 combines with the friction surface to form wear-resistant tribo-layers. Such tribo-layers reduce wear and prevent tribocorrosion, thus increasing the component's service life. In addition the special additives contained in Klüberlub BEM 41-122 improve the general oxidation stability and corrosion protection of the lubricant.

Klüberlub BEM 41-122

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • for pivoting bearings, rolling and plain bearings

  • for high surface pressure

  • for slow oscillating movements

  • long-term lubrication due to formation of tribolayers

  • reduces tribocorrosion

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