Klüberlectric HB 72-102

Артикулен №: 094143 Electroconductive rolling bearing grease for long-term lubrication

Do your rolling bearings have to meet challenging performance requirements in the face of long relubrication intervals or even lifetime lubrication? Do your lubricants, as is required e.g. in the automotive industry, have to operate in a wide service temperature range in a humid and corrosive atmosphere? Do they have to be compatible with seals and elastomers? Is there a risk of unwanted electric discharge which might lead to electric erosion and the formation of micro-craters? Do you operate rolling bearings in electric automotive components such as generators and expect them to work reliably throughout the component's lifetime?

Klüberlectric HB 72-102 can make a substantial contribution to meeting these taxing requirements. Klüberlectric HB 72-102 was developed as an electroconductive rolling bearing grease offering good compatibility with seals and elastomers as well as additional characteristics that are required for the long-term or for-life lubrication of rolling bearings operating under taxing conditions. Due to the use of selected additives based on ionic liquids, the lubricant's electroconductivity was increased, attaining resistance characteristics resembling those of semiconductors. Another challenge exists in the form of high or low temperatures. When developing this product, we therefore attached particular importance to the combination of electroconductivity and long-term performance under changing temperature conditions. This combination of features enables a particularly wide range of applications.

Klüberlectric HB 72-102

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Innovative lubricant containing ionic liquids to provide electroconductivity

  • Especially for lifetime lubrication of capped or sealed deep groove ball bearings

  • Very good water resistance and strong corrosion protection

  • Excellent performance in a wide temperature range

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