Klübergrease LFT 71-402

Артикулен №: 094070 Special grease for ball joints with good corrosion protection

Klübergrease LFT 71-402 has been especially designed for the lubrication of smooth-running ball joints. It is free of heavy metals and black solid lubricants. The semi-synthetic base oil is thickened with polyurea. Special additives increase adhesion on steel and plastic components and improve the dampening effect between the friction bodies. Compared to standard greases, lower break-away and running torques of the joint are attained. Klübergrease LFT 71-402 reduces the difference between static and dynamic friction, and thus stick-slip, in assembled joints. Interaction between sealings made of chloroprene rubber (CR) and Klübergrease LFT 71-402 are within the narrow limits specified by the users.

Klübergrease LFT 71-402

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Semi-synthetic grease for lifetime-lubricated ball joints

  • Reduces stick-slip

  • Minimizes starting and running torques

  • High corrosion protection under extreme conditions

  • Good water resistance

  • Free of heavy metals and black solid lubricants

  • Approved acc. to VW-TL 721, TRW 62015002

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