Klüberfood NH1 CH 2-220 Plus

Артикулен №: 002163 High-temperature chain oils for the food-processing industry

The Klüberfood NH1 CH 2 Plus oil series comprises synthetic high-temperature chain oils incorporating special base oils ensuring reliable lubrication at high temperatures. Owing to special additives, these oils offer extremely good wear protection. They show low evaporation losses and high oxidation stability for optimised relubrication intervals and reduced oil quantities.

Products of the Klüberfood NH1 CH 2 Plus oil series are NSF H1-registered and therefore comply with FDA 21 CFR § 178.3570. The lubricants were developed for incidental contact with products and packaging materials in the food-processing, cosmetics, pharmaceutical or animal feed industries. The use of the Klüberfood NH1 CH 2 Plus oil series can contribute to increased reliability of your production equipment and processes. We nevertheless recommend conducting an additional risk analysis, e.g. HACCP.

Klüberfood NH1 CH 2-220 Plus
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  • Reduced oil consumption due to lower evaporation losses compared to other ester oils commonly used in high-temperature chain applications in the food-processing industry

  • Extended chain life through enhanced wear protection, leading to lower life cycle costs

  • NSF-H1 registration for increased process reliability

  • ISO 21469 certified - supports the compliance with the hygienic requirements in your production plant. You will find further information on ISO Standard 21469 on our website www.klueber.com

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