Klüberflex Modul 4

Артикулен №: 099172 Additional module for friction reduction of bonded coatings for elastomers in windshield wipers

Klüberflex Module 4 is a component which can be added to bonded coatings to reduce the friction coefficient.

The proportion of Module 4 can be determined for each case. With Klüberflex 200-0 N A/B, the guide value for addition is 50 % by weight. The quantity added can be up to 100 %.

The friction coefficient is reduced according to the added quantity. When determining the quantity to be added, the required resistance to abrasion and chemicals must be considered, which may decrease with increasing addition.

Klüberflex Modul 4

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Friction reduction as an addition to bonded coatings for elastomers, e.g. Klüberflex 200-0 N A/B

    • improved wiping pattern

    • increased blade life

    • reduced load on wiper motor and mechanism

  • High degree of product standardization in your production plant

    • tried and tested base product – many possible variations thanks to the Klüberflex product concept

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