Klüberflex 310-0

Артикулен №: 099242 Water-based single-component silicone hybrid bonded coating for elastomer surfaces, particularly for O-rings

Do you wish to increase the performance of your elastomer components and protect them against wear? In addition, do you want this protective layer to be colourless for use with coloured elastomers?

It is especially with a view to requirements of this kind that we developed the water-based, heat-setting high-performance bonded coating Klüberflex 310-0.

Once hardened, its special binding technology combines soft-touch surface finishing properties and good wear resistance as well as chemical stability.

Klüberflex 310-0

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Easy and clean fitting of elastomer seals

    • due to low assembly forces

  • Easy separation of elastomer components in automatic feeding processes

    • due to smooth anti-stick surface

  • Rapid inspection of coating quality after application

    • due to integrated UV-indicator (visible at 300 - 400 nm)

  • Cost-saving processing

    • due to low VOC content rendering filtering systems unnecessary

  • Easy and straightforward processing

    • Ready for use! No diluting or mixing of several components required

  • Individual product modification possible (e.g. with Klüber modular concept, dyeing with pigment pastes)

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