Klüberflex 100-0 N

Артикулен №: 099216 Single-component silicone hybrid bonded coating free of co-solvent for sponge rubber profiled seals

The product name Klüberflex designates a modular product concept offering a range of individualized solutions, from the simple base product to a complex bonded coating system incorporating a variety of features.

Klüberflex 100-0 N is the water-miscible, heat-hardening base product for high requirements regarding the touch feel of seals. Thanks to an innovative substrate, this bonded coating combines, when hardened, a soft and pleasant surface finish with high resistance to wear.

The particularly smooth surface of this bonded coating prevents wear marks on the car body paint as tend to occur with conventional coatings.

Klüberflex 100-0 N

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Better surface finish of profiled seals

    • pleasant to the touch thanks to soft-feel effect

  • Prevention of wear marks on body paint

    • thanks to low surface roughness of bonded coating

  • Less costs and time needed to prepare application because

    • no mixing of components necessary

    • no cooling required during extrusion prior to application

  • High flexibility helps meet your individual customer requirements

    • Individualised product adjustment with additional product modules

  • Quality inspection with integrated UV indicator (excitation at 300 - 400 nm)

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