Klübercut CO 6-103

Артикулен №: 046088 Synthetic metalworking oil

Klübercut CO 6-103 is a metal-working oil. It can be classified as environmentally compatible for metal cutting and punching processes. This high-quality metal-working oil is not miscible with water and is applied undiluted. The substances mentioned in the following are not contained in the formulation of this lubricant, however the occurrence of traces cannot be ruled out.

  • amines

  • boron

  • chlorine

  • phosphor

  • sulphur

  • heavy metals

  • silicone

and thus shows an almost neutral behaviour towards metals.

Klübercut CO 6-103 is classified as not hazardous to water. At the same time, it is rapidly biodegradable. Apart from minute residue on the swarf, the product undergoes rapid biodegradation in the scrap phase and is transformed into a substance non hazardous to the environment.

Klübercut CO 6-103

Предимства за вашето приложение

Rapidly biodegradable

  • Not hazardous to water

  • Environmentally compatible, no disposal

  • Almost dry machines

  • Almost dry tools and swarfs

  • Low consumption

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