Klüberalfa RM 93-101

Артикулен №: 090159 Transparent PFPE-based surface finishing gel

Klüberalfa RM 93-101 is based on a perfluorinated polyether oil with an innovative thickener system imparting totally new characteristics. Applied in thin layers, it is transparent and therefore remains invisible on, for example, door seals. Klüberalfa RM 93-101 retains the expected properties of a grease.

Klüberalfa RM 93-101

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Optimised noise behaviour of moving polymer components preventing the generation of unpleasant noises

  • Simpler assembly as noise-dampening materials such as felt are no longer necessary

  • Improved polymer surface finish as components look, sound and feel better

  • Versatile due to good compatibility with many plastics and elastomers

  • Protection of surfaces against premature UV ageing

  • Gel-like transparent concept applied in thin layers, through innovative thickener system

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