Klüberalfa IR 83-22

Артикулен №: 090092 Long-term and low-temperature lubricating grease for application points subject to aggressive media

Klüberalfa IR 83-22 is a fully synthetic long-term lubricating grease based on a perfluorinated polyether oil and PTFE. With a consistency class mid way between NLGI 1 and NLGI 2, Klüberalfa IR 83-22 is especially formulated as a dynamically light grease.

Klüberalfa IR 83-22 is extremely compatible with plastic materials and offers unparalleled resistance to aggressive chemical media (with the exception of fluorinated fluids).

Klüberalfa IR 83-22

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Long component life

    • in contact with aggressive chemical agents

    • where sensitive plastic materials are used

  • High component performance

    • due to low friction values

    • also at low temperatures

    • due to low stick-slip tendency

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