Klüber Summit SH 46 T

Артикулен №: 050200 Synthetic gas turbine oil

The Klüber Summit SH 46 T gas turbine lubricant has been formulated to operate in land-based gas turbines under a wide range of temperatures, proven by the FTM 5308 performance test. Offering a high viscosity index for minimal viscosity change with temperature, Klüber Summit SH 46 T protects against shear and viscosity breakdown under heavy loads and stress. In addition it offers excellent oxidation stability, wear resistance (demonstrated by ASTM D2266), and load-carrying characteristics.

The synthetics in the Klüber Summit SH 46 T help keep the system free of varnish and deposits. The low foaming characteristics support a good air release and a high thermal conductivity for reduced operating temperature.

Klüber Summit SH 46 T

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Wide service temperature range and low foaming characteristics through selected raw materials

  • Greater reliability and minimized downtime by eliminating varnish, sludge and carbon deposits

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