Klüber Summit RSB 68

Артикулен №: 050220 Semi-synthetic refrigeration compressor oil for NH3 refrigeration systems and heat pumps

In many plants, refrigerators are at the core of the production processes. Breakdown of these machines can incur substantial costs and/or significant loss of production.

By using suitable refrigeration oils such as Klüber Summit RSB 68, efficient and smooth operation of refrigerators can be attained and optimized. This helps to reduce oil consumption and the associated need for maintenance as well as to optimize downtime.

Klüber Summit RSB 68 is a semi-synthetic high-performance lubricant, specially developed for heavily loaded ammonia refrigerators. This oil is characterized by its high chemical and thermal stability attained with the carefully selected base oils based on polyalphaolefins and hydrotreated mineral oils.

Klüber Summit RSB 68 has a high viscosity index, good shear stability and excellent low-temperature flow behavior, giving the product large reserve capacity compared with other commonly used mineral oils in the market. Furthermore, it is characterized by low solubility in R717, which leads to a low refrigerant content in the compressor oil. This enables higher film thickness in the lubrication point, contributing to reliable, low-wear compressor operation. Klüber Summit RSB 68 can be used at high operating temperatures and in refrigerators with very low evaporator temperatures.

The product’s chemical stability and low vapor pressure give rise to reduced oil carryover and oil vapor content, leading to lower oil consumption with positive effects on refrigerator efficiency. The products have a lower friction coefficient than mineral oils, which likewise contributes to the system's efficiency.

Klüber Summit RSB 68

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Reduced maintenance costs thanks to longer oil change intervals

  • Lower oil consumption due to the oil’s excellent thermal and chemical stability and its low solubility in ammonia

  • Very good separation of the oil/ NH3 mixture in the separator

  • Higher refrigerator efficiency due to lower oil content in the refrigerant and very good flow characteristics at low temperatures

  • Lower operating costs because of longer oil filter and oil separator lifetimes

  • Klüber Summit RSB 68 meets the requirements of DIN 51 5031, KAA.

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