Klüber Summit RPS 52

Артикулен №: 050062 Synthetic compressor oil based on polyglycol for ammonia refrigerating plants using dry evaporation

Klüber Summit RPS 52 is a refrigeration compressor oil based on polyglycol which shows a good miscibility with ammonia. The synthetic base oil ensures good cold flow properties, a high chemical stability to ammonia and low tendency to evaporation.

Klüber Summit RPS 52
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Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Low maintenance costs due to extended oil change intervals and reduced oil consumption

  • Reliable operation of the compressor due to stable viscosity under the influence of refrigerants

  • High efficiency of the refrigerating plants due to reduced oil deposits

  • Low operating costs due to long service life of filters and oil separators

  • Simplified system configuration as the product can be used with dry evaporation

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