Klüber Summit PG 220 E

Артикулен №: 050205 Synthetic oil for rotary screw and vapor recovery compressors

Extended compressor runtime and reliable operation is key for the efficient operation of your rotary screw and vapor recovery unit. Klüber Summit PG 220 E compressor oil is a specially formulated product to absorb the crude oil into solution to increase the lifetime of your compressor and reduce maintenance efforts. An ideal product for high-BTU hydrocarbon gases where crude oil can be allowed to enter the compressor intake.

Klüber Summit PG 220 E has a high degree of solvency, which keeps the crude oil contamination in solution, resulting in longer lubricant and filter life. As crude oil is not soluble in most PAG-based lubricants normally used in this type of service, the limited solubility results in frequent plugging of oil filters and coalescing elements leading to high filter costs and manpower requirements.

Klüber Summit PG 220 E is designed to reduce the degree of viscosity dilution experienced by mineral oils and most other synthetics. This leads to constant operating conditions and longer compressor lifetime. Other benefits can include extended mechanical seal life by keeping the seal faces free from deposits for an extended time.

Klüber Summit PG 220 E

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Extended compressor oil life through good solvency of crude oil intake

  • Reduction of maintenance costs and enhanced compressor run time because

    • plugging of filters and coalescing elements is reduced

    • of low degree of viscosity dilution

  • Significant long-term cost savings through extended runtime of the compressor

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