Klüber Summit CSG 100

Артикулен №: 050199 Synthetic natural gas compressor oil

Sulphur compounds typical of coal-seam gas streams can cause serious corrosion in your compressor and therefore have a deep impact on equipment life and downtime. Compressor failures attributed to the formation of copper sulfide, especially on bearing thrust pads, have benefited from the introduction of Klüber Summit CSG 100. By employing a very targeted sulphur inhibitor system, Klüber Summit CSG 100 can be significantly more effective in mitigating this influence.

Klüber Summit CSG 100 is based on pure synthetic PAO and has an extremely low vapor pressure, which results in minimal carryover past the separator. Klüber Summit CSG 100 does not contain sulfur impurities, which are typically found in petroleum-based products and might react with the acids, chlorinated compounds or sour gases found in various applications.

Klüber Summit CSG 100 is an ester-free product and not subject to hydrolysis issues encountered with most ester-containing products when used in acidic environments. It protects surfaces against the corrosive effects of acidic gases such as hydrogen sulphide or carbon dioxide and thus contributes to longer equipment life.

Klüber Summit CSG 100

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Reliable lubricating oil tailored to meet the requirements of screw-type compressors for coal-seam gas.

  • Helping to lower maintenance costs and increase component life due to

    • effective corrosion protection of oil-wetted surfaces against common acids and water

    • the very low residue formation caused by reaction with process gas

  • Longer oil life can be achieved through the superior formulation concept reducing degradation of the oil caused by sour gases such as hydrogen sulfide or carbon dioxide

  • Suitable for use in certain chloride-containing environments where the use of mineral oil, esters or synthetic polyglycols is not permitted.

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