Klüber Silvertex P 91

Артикулен №: 035517 Synthetic special oil for knitting machines

In the knitting industry, requirements in terms of a lower defect rate, less downtime and higher production rates are becoming more and more stringent. We therefore developed Klüber Silvertex P 91, a special oil which is manufactured in consistent quality using a special synthetic base oil and additives. Klüber Silvertex P 91 can be used to dissolve deposits and smoothen/run in metal surfaces. This helps reduce your operating costs.

Klüber Silvertex P 91

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Dissolves yarn and oil residues on stitch-forming elements, no dismantling of components necessary

  • Proven running-in oil for new cylinders, needles, sinkers and cams

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