Артикулен №: 004337 Special low-temperature greases for wide field of applications

As a manufacturer of automotive components, you are dealing with customers asking for reliable component function over a long service life and in particular at low temperatures. By selecting an appropriate lubricant, you can meet all these ever more demanding requirements in the market. With ISOFLEX TOPAS L 32 and L 32 N, we offer you two lubricants that have both been designed for particularly low temperatures.

ISOFLEX TOPAS L 32 and L 32 N are based on a synthetic hydrocarbon oil and a lithium soap. The corrosion protection properties of these oils are good as is their ageing and oxidation stability.

The additional UV indicator contained in ISOFLEX TOPAS L 32 N enables reliable quality control upon application, even with minimum quantities.

This will increase the reliability of your production process.


Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Low breakaway torque even at very low temperatures in small gears and actuators

  • Reduced wear due to reliable lubricating film over a wide service temperature range enabling longer component life.

  • For-life lubrication enabled by strong corrosion protection, oxidation and ageing resistance

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