Артикулен №: 039077 Graphite based operational lubricant for open gear drives

Ensuring a long life and reliable operation of the open gears is a challenge that you are probably facing in your daily work. The varying operating conditions like high loads, vibrations, temperature differentials, dusty environment, varying speed, etc. affect the reliable operation of open gears. These unfavourable operating conditions result in pitting, scuffing and other forms of wear affecting the reliability of your plant.

The lubricant in such instances has to form a protective layer separating the intermeshing tooth surfaces. It is for such demanding applications that the GRAFLOSCON C-SG ULTRA series has been designed.

Because of its unique chemical composition based on an aluminium soap thickener, the GRAFLOSCON C-SG ULTRA series provides good adhesion that protects the tooth flank even at extreme loads.The life of the gear is enhanced by the presence of fine graphite particles that form a protective layer and prevent damage.

The vibrations and temperature difference across the tooth flank are reduced. The gears are also protected against corrosion due to the special additives.


Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Improves surface condition of loaded tooth flanks due to presence of graphite particles

  • Enhanced service life of gears by reducing scuffing and pitting

  • Reduction in vibration and temperature difference across tooth flanks due to improved load pattern

  • Provides extra protection during shock loads due to presence of solid lubricants

  • Reduced lubricant consumption as lubricating film is effective for a long period of time

  • Recommended by leading OEMs like FLSmidth, ThyssenKrupp, KHD, Ferry Capitain, Cemtec, Hoffmann Engineering, etc. and used by leading global players

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