Артикулен №: 999415 Listing all lubrication activities in a plant lubrication chart as a basis for efficient and safe lubrication processes in the plant

An up-to-date, concise plant lubrication chart forms the basis of efficient and reliable lubricating processes during operation. Its generation is also an opportunity to look for better ways to lubricate.

In the initial stage, our Klüber Lubrication consultants analyse the machines, identify all lubrication points, the lubricants used and the manufacturer's instructions. On this basis, they will develop options for optimisation in the form of more effective lubricants, lubricant metering, ideal maintenance intervals or application methods. The possibility and viability of reducing the number of lubricants used will also be investigated.

All these measures are documented for you in a tailor-made plant lubrication chart. It ensures the right lubricants are used at the right lubrication point in your plant.

Once the plant lubrication chart has been created, it may also be recorded in the special software KMS, if desired or necessary. Furthermore, lubrication points, storage sites and application equipment can be labelled as an additional service to ensure reliable processes.


Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Cost savings possible due to optimised processes, a reduction of the number of lubricants used and of storage capacities

  • High efficiency due to optimum maintenance intervals

  • Reliable processes due to clear and transparent planning and documentation of lubrication tasks – observance of maintenance intervals is ensured

  • Major contribution to safeguarding product quality, e.g. where lubricants with special registration are required such as in the food-processing industry

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