TRAXIT commissioned new manufacturing site in Huzhou, China

Improved customer service and supply for the wire industry

German speciality lubricant maker TRAXIT International, since 2020 part of the Klüber Lubrication Group, started operations in its new plant in Huzhou, China, for the manufacturing of dry drawing agents for the wire industry. The plant with a total ground space of 10,000 m² and an equivalent usable surface provides manufacturing facilities, a quality assurance laboratory, warehouses and office space. In the longer-term 35 to 40 employees will work in the plant which is designed for a maximum annual production capacity of up to 5,500 metric tons. The Huzhou based plant is the second TRAXIT manufacturing site in China next to the already existing factory in Tianjin. The plant meets the most modern standards for efficient operations and fulfills all requirements concerning workplace safety and environmental compatible manufacturing. “The new plant marks a major step forward for us in China”, said TRAXIT CEO Sebastian Homborg. “We are significantly increasing our manufacturing capacities in particular for dry drawing agents for which we monitor a steadily increasing demand from our customers in China but also the adjacent Asia.” The new site will further improve domestic customer supply and will shorten delivery times. The quality assurance laboratory forms the foundation for offering even more advanced services as it can be expanded to also work on product advancements and basic product developments meeting specific needs of our customers in the Asia region in the longer run.

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