Cleaning while in operation

September 11. 2019

Cleaning while in operation

New cleaning grease for wind turbines reliably removes residues in rolling bearings

Hardened residues in rolling bearings are a frequent cause of elevated bearing temperatures calling for added maintenance activities. It is in particular with a view to generator and main bearings in wind turbines that Klüber Lubrication has developed KLÜBERSYNTH BZ 68-400, a matching solution for this type of application. The new cleaning grease is specifically used to remove such residues and optimise any bearing grease changeover.


The newly developed KLÜBERSYNTH BZ 68-400 is the first product enabling cleaning to be performed while the bearing is in operation. When developping KLÜBERSYNTH BZ 68-400, particular care was taken to ensure it is compatible with other base oils for maximum versatility. Besides its good cleaning effect, KLÜBERSYNTH BZ 68-400 also offers protection against wear and corrosion. This protects rolling bearings also during the cleaning process. KLÜBERSYNTH BZ 68-400 helps extend the service lives of rolling bearings and significantly reduce maintenance and downtime.


Having been primarily developed for applications in wind turbines, KLÜBERSYNTH BZ 68-400 can also be used for cleaning rolling bearings in many other industries.