Moving Beyond NSF H1

August 13. 2019

Moving Beyond NSF H1

What the ISO 21469 lubricant standard means for food safety

Klüber Lubrication took a number of steps to meet the ISO 21469 standard - including a hygiene strategy that takes into account any chemical risks and biological risks associated with the intended use of the lubricant.

End-users benefit from assurance through third-party audits and product analysis that the ISO 21469-compliant lubricants will consistently meet food safety requirements.


The ISO 21469 programm evaluates the lubricant in terms of :

  • Formulation and label review to ensure ingredient safety and label accuracy
  • Risk assessment to ensure the manufacturer has identified and evaluated relevant hazards in the lubricant's manufacture and use
  • Production facility audits to confirm adherence to quality procedures and good manufacturing practices
  • Analytical testing to verify integrity of product composition




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