High temperatures, pressures, and speeds: The stresses on air compressors are high. As essential components in many systems, they must run reliably to enable smooth production. Accordingly, the requirements for lubricants are complex because maintenance intervals should be as long as possible and efficiency high. Contaminants in the compressor system, such as dust, should not impair operation, nor should oil oxidation – a demanding application area where Klüber's specialty lubricant solutions pay off from the outset and in the long term.

When it comes to the reliable operation of screw, piston, multi-vane, or centrifugal compressors, lubricants are a crucial factor. The right air compressor oil must withstand harsh operating conditions in the form of high pressure, heat, dust, moisture, high speeds of moving compressor elements, and sometimes long idle times. Nowadays, the high loads on the systems are further intensified by the adapted design of the compressors: Less oil volume in the compressor and thus shorter oil circulation times make the requirements for the lubricant increasingly complicated.

What difference does a high-performance oil make?

  • Compressors operate more reliably because moving parts are better lubricated.
  • They consume less energy due to reduced friction.
  • They require less frequent maintenance because the overall strain is lower.

Klüber's decades of experience in the production of specialty lubricants for compressors make this possible and offer you air compressor oils with outstanding properties. With our specialty lubricants and our air compressor expertise, you increase the availability of your systems and reduce your operating costs.

  • Oxidation resistance

    Oxidation resistance

    at high temperatures

  • Prevention of

    Prevention of

    acid, sludge, deposit varnish 

  • Demulsibility


    to shed water that enters the lubrication system

  • Superior heat transfer capabilities

    Superior heat transfer capabilities

  • Wear protection

    Wear protection

    in bearings

  • Foam control

    Foam control

Full control over costs and performance

Klüber Lubrication offers a wide portfolio of high-performance compressor oils designed for the demanding requirements of this application. With expertise and practical experience, our experts have for many years been advising companies from every industry that use air compressors on a daily basis.

For every application area, Klüber offers suitable lubricating oils distinguished by low evaporative loss, extremely high oxidation stability, high temperature resistance, long service life, and residue-free operation. This increases productivity while reducing maintenance costs.

Energy consumption is a significant factor in the operation of air compressors. Synthetic lubricants from Klüber Lubrication are significantly more energy-efficient due to lower friction coefficients, high temperature resistance, and excellent thermal conductivity.

For companies, this means lower operating costs. Because less maintenance effort, lower energy and oil consumption, and better cooling performance ensure that air compressors run more efficiently and reliably. At the same time, emissions and overall operating costs decrease. So the right compressor oil pays off from day one – and in the long run.

Klüber expertise in practice: food-safe and long service life

In the food industry, lubricants must not only meet the requirements for the efficient operation of the compressor but also support food safety. Interruptions in production can render entire batches unusable. Therefore, reliable operation of the air compressors is essential. Specifically for customers in the food industry, Klüber has developed the air compressor oil Klüber Summit FG Elite, which is distinguished not only by its H1 approval but also by its long service life of 8,000 hours – without compromising on energy consumption, reliability, or heat transfer.

Cleaning during cement plant operation: a Klüber solution

Another demanding application area is lubricating air compressors in cement plants. Dust, heat, and continuous operation of the equipment put enormous strain on compressors. Production downtime due to disruptions and maintenance is particularly costly in cement plants and must therefore be kept as short as possible or avoided altogether. Klüber offers the fully synthetic cleaning concentrate Klüber Summit Varnasolv for this purpose, which cleans compressors during operation and achieves exceptional results. Downtime due to the otherwise elaborate cleaning process is thus avoided. In addition, air compressors can be used longer and more reliably – an important aspect for industries where maintenance times and repairs result in high costs due to production downtime.

Private label solutions for higher customer satisfaction

With private label products made by Klüber Lubrication, manufacturers of, for example, air compressors can rely on the tested and proven quality of Klüber while offering their customers their own after-sales lubricant brands. End-users thus know which oils are suitable for their compressors and can also benefit from the advantages of Klüber Lubrication's high-performance lubricants. This offer is also aimed at dealers and service companies wanting to make it easy for their customers to choose the right air compressor oil.

Your partner for high-performance air compressor oils

Klüber Lubrication's innovative oils are based on over 40 years of experience with lubricants for compressors. All products are developed and tested in our own research laboratory, precisely tailored to the requirements of different industries and application areas. Additives are individually adapted to the respective applications for oils to precisely meet the high demands of the users. This results in unique lubricants that achieve pioneering results in their performance and formulation.

Air compressor lubricants

Our Klüber Summit product range offers a full line of mineral and synthetic lubricants to meet customers’ air compressor lubrication needs. Our staff of professionals can assist in choosing the right lubricant.

TM Series
Highly refined mineral oil-based compressor oils for standard rotary screw and reciprocating compressor applications and maintenance cycles up to 3,000 hours

PS Series
Semi-synthetic, mineral oil/ester-based lubricants for standard rotary screw and reciprocating compressor applications and maintenance cycles up to 5,000 hours

SB Series
Semi-synthetic, mineral oil/ester/PAO-based lubricants for enhanced maintenance cycles up to 8,000 hours in rotary screw compressor applications

SH Series
Fully synthetic, PAO-based lubricants for high-temperature rotary screw applications and maintenance cycles up to 10,000 hours 

DSL Series
Fully synthetic, diester-based oils for high-temperature reciprocating and rotary vane compressor as well as vacuum pump applications and maintenance cycles up to 8,000 hours 

Supra Series
Fully synthetic, polyglycol-based oils for rotary screw compressors that were previously running on PAG oils. Maintenance cycles up to 8,000 hours 

Ultima Series
Fully synthetic, polyol ester-based oils for rotary screw compressors and blowers subject to high stresses and high temperatures up to 115 °C and required maintenance cycles up to 12,000 hours 

FG Elite Series – H1
Fully synthetic, food-grade compressor oils for all types of applications offering exceptional oxidation stability and achieving maintenance cycles up to 8,000 hours 

Fully synthetic cleaning agents (concentrates) for outstanding machinery online cleaning right before the regular oil change, significantly increasing the system performance

Our services for compressor oils

  • Over 40 different product series from which manufacturers, plant builders, dealers, and operators can choose the right oil.
  • Many additional services related to the operation of air compressors, such as personal contact with our service experts and development partnerships.
  • With our digital services, you can quickly and easily check the condition of lubricating oils – even remotely.

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