Klübersynth LMI 44-42 SL

Nº de artículo: 004346 Low-temperature grease with reduced frictional resistance for a wide range of applications

As a manufacturer of components for the automotive industry and as an OEM you are frequently confronted with the challenge of selecting a lubricant that, most importantly, matches your requirements. At the same time, your customers are calling for minimal odour emissions in the car interior as well as noise reduction. By selecting an appropriate lubricant, you can meet all these ever more demanding requirements. Klübersynth LMI 44-42 SL is a lubricant matching a host of applications in cars. The product was specifically formulated to offer a low breakaway torque at low temperatures while reducing noise through the use of solid lubricants and forming a reliable lubricant film over a wide service temperature range. This helps reduce wear and ensure the required energy efficiency and functional life of the component.

Klübersynth LMI 44-42 SL

Beneficios para su solicitud

  • Very low, constant breakaway torque at very low temperatures

  • Reduction of NVH (noise, vibration, harshness)

  • Tested acc. to VDA 270 to enable application in car interiors

  • Wear reduction due to reliable lubricating film over a wide service temperature range

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