Klüberfood NHT1 1-16

Nº de artículo: 029072 Heat transfer fluid for the food-processing and pharmaceutical industries.

Klüberfood NHT1 1-16 is a white oil-based heat transfer fluid with good thermal stability and efficient heat transfer properties. The oil has good stability at higher temperatures because of the non-presence of antioxidants in the oil.

Klüberfood NHT1 1-16 is a low viscosity oil that supports faster startups and offers better heat transfer capabilities. Due to the highly refined base oil the maintenance related to degradation is reduced to a considerable extent.

Klüberfood NHT1 1-16 is NSF HT1 registered. This product is acceptable for use as a heat transfer fluid where there is possibility of incidental food contact (HT1).

Klüberfood NHT1 1-16

Beneficios para su solicitud

  • NSF HT1-registered product suitable for use in the food-processing industry

  • Good thermal stability and efficient heat transfer properties

  • Low viscosity for faster startups

  • Less maintenance due to highly refined base oil

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