Bonded coatings

Dry lubrication with bonded coatings

Bonded coatings form a thin, friction and wear-reducing layer once applied and hardened. This layer is dry, adhesive and cannot drip off; therefore, ambient contamination as sometimes found with oil or grease lubrication can be avoided.

Bonded coatings can be used on many metals, plastics and elastomers.

Coating metal surfaces

Bonded coatings protect metals against corrosion and wear and are particularly suitable for vacuum applications or applications subject to UV or x-ray radiation, the influence of aggressive media and and/or extremely high or low temperatures. Main applications include small parts in precision equipment, electronics, automotive components and textile machines.

Selected bonded coatings for metal surfaces:
Klübertop TP 46-111
Klübertop TM 06-111
Klübertop TG 05 N

Coating plastics

Bonded coatings for plastic components are expected to be compatible with various materials such as PA, PPS, ABS, PC, POM and PE. Requirements also include noise reduction and wear protection for components and their opposing materials.

Selected bonded coatings for plastics:
Klübertop TP 15-810
Klübertop TP 36-1300 A/B

Coating elastomers

Seals and other elastomers are coated to enhance their wear resistance and hence to increase their expected lifetime. Further requirements include noise reduction, simpler assembly and improved look and feel.

Selected bonded coatings for elastomers:
Klübertop TP 29-1310 A/B
Klübertop TP 28-1311

Colouring elastomers

All colourless, water-miscible bonded coatings from the Klübertop and Klüberplus series made by Klüber Lubrication can be coloured with pigment pastes, which are stirred into the ready-to-use bonded coatings. The bonded coating is then applied and used as usual.

Application technique

The right product and application method are key to the efficient use of bonded coatings. The experts from Klüber Lubrication will be pleased to help you make the right choice of bonded coating and application method and can also put you in contact with a specialised coating company.

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