Release agents

The right lubricants for metal-forming

When metal is cast, pressed in dies or punched - having the right release agent is a significant factor for a successful forming process. Our speciality products enable a more profitable operation of your plant due to lower consumption rates, but also because downstream processes are kept simpler.

Which type of product should be used depends largely on the individual forming process: in casting operations the focus is very much on release, hot forging requires additional good lubrication.

Die dressings - Speciality lubricants for casting operations

For uninterrupted production, you need to have release agents (die dressings) enabling maximum service life of your dies and moulds. The die dressing should not just provide good separation of the casting material from the die or mould, but also enable optimum metal flow. With the right product, you can cast homogeneous workpieces with a uniform surface texture. We offer you speciality products with high thermal resistance excelling in their long service life. This means you can maintain production for longer without lubricant reapplication. Additionally, the product's optimised flow characteristics reduce your need to rework.

Forming processes - Longer production times with less residues

In hot forging or hot pressing operations, what matters most besides dimensional accuracy, are long die and tool life. Furthermore, the formation and build-up of residues in the die should be prevented and the release agents be easy to apply - and easy to remove once the operation is completed.

Our product range for forming processes is comprehensive, from traditional oils and oil-graphite mixtures to innovative coatings and powders for more economical plant operation. We have, for example, developed a powder for cold extrusion which meets even the legal requirements of the food industry.

The following release agents may improve your productivity:
Klüberpress HF 2-1.. series (forging fluids)

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