Screws and bolts

Threaded fasteners are important machine elements

Although fasteners are very common machine elements, they are a tribological challenge: assembly and dismantling should require little effort while the screw and its counter-thread have to remain undamaged. The right lubricant can make all the difference.

The friction between screw thread flanks and underneath the screw head has a significant impact on the preload force and thus on the fastening function of threaded connections. The right lubricants, lubricating pastes, wax emulsions and bonded coatings made by Klüber Lubrication ensure reliable and safe screw connections – even at high temperatures.




Safety Data Sheets

Klüberpaste UH1 84-201
Klüberpaste UH1 84-201

Constant and sufficient preload force during assembly for reliable screw connections. Damage-free assembly and disassembly. NSF H1-registered.