Rolling bearings

Critical machine elements – rolling bearings

Load and movement are transmitted via rolling elements in all kinds of bearing designs. Friction surfaces have to be kept apart by the lubricant. If contact occurs, severe damage can be the result, entailing possible bearing failure and considerable negative consequences.

What all ball or roller bearings, radial or thrust bearings have in common is the transmission of load and power via rolling elements located between bearing rings. This is a simple and successful principle, at least as long as the contact surfaces remain separated. However, if the surfaces touch one another, undesirable friction and damage occurs: it may be anything from light, hardly perceptible surface roughening, pronounced sliding marks and scratches, to extensive material transfer that may promote premature bearing failure – with expensive consequences!

Klüber speciality lubricants ensure the sustained separation of surfaces necessary for low-wear or even wear-free operation of rolling bearings

Speciality lubricants offer a lot for your rolling bearings: they extend bearing lifetime, increase operational reliability, lower the noise levels, allow higher bearing running speeds and make bearings more resistant to extreme conditions. The costs for speciality lubricants are outweighed by their many benefits, making the lubricant a small investment that makes a big difference.




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Reliable operation also when exposed to high humidity